Jackfruit Ceremony

a Ritualistic Gathering in Full Moon

Jackfruit Ceremony is a ritualistic gathering supposedly held in full moon.

Jackfruit Ceremony is both an attempt at recreating a holy, ritualistic activity out of a fragment that nature gives us; as well as an ultimate celebration of existence, multiversal forces, full moon, earth, togetherness, prosperity, light and love.

Jackfruit Ceremony investigates what it means to create a cultic ceremony out of an uncommon, natural, edible object in this age of massive digital reproduction of postmodern arts. Why do ones hold a ceremony even?

Jackfruit Ceremony may implicitly also correlate to contemporary ecologic crisis that originate from politic-economic issues:

How many individuals can be fed with a single jackfruit?

How does it feel when women, and only those who identify themselves as a woman, have the power to actively hold a ceremonial celebration?

Can one sacrifice a jackfruit instead of an animal, and do so with only bare hands in multitude?