Emin Durak

Bio & Artistic Insight

Although Emin started his research and synthesis process in arts in his early 20s, he was equipped with a continuous aesthetic and research spirit. Throughout his formal educations, known for its different technical features, such as Science High School and the Istanbul Technical University studying Industrial Design; he realized that the essence of knowledge is actually one and the same thing. He discovered at an early age that the absolute is merely the relativity, continuity and variability. When he was an exchange student in Greece; i.e. he figured out while learning Greek that the translation of the word “art” in Greek was “τέχνη” (techni) . In fact, “technique” for him was the state of adapting to a transformation by repeating himself in practice in any area of concentration, natually conceiving “Difference” (in Deleuzian terms); and this became his art in whatever he would choose to do.

Emin started his nine-year Swedish life at Konstfack with his master's thesis on aesthetic philosophy titled “Experience of Devotion”. Afterwards, he continued working with choreographers and dancers in the well-known dance and experimental performance scenes in Stockholm such as Moderna Dans Teatern, R1 Nuclear Reactor, Weld, CCAP, Skogen in Gothenburg, Borderland in Denmark. After such collaborations and training, he repeated his practices in different environments in Berlin, India, Sri Lanka and Turkey. In India, he joined the “Play Practice” in Bangalore; the intensive contemporary and Indian dance residency founded and hosted by the artist Abhilash Ningappa.

Having received five years of Capoeira training from Brazilian Mestre Kiura, Emin develops techniques for movement improvisations, synthesizing contemporary and “non-contemporary” dance performances, workshops, films, sound-based works, installations, situations and research projects. He shares and publishes his artistic works and research projects under the umbrella of his newly found company: Sphinx Dance.

Realizing that the artist in the contemporary world we live in is in economically and socially in isolation and scarce situation, he wants to establish a network of solidarity and a resource sharing pool, and promotes this formation under the name “Labor is Love”: www.laborislove.se with the upcoming platform for artists and artistrun initiatives, called: Artistrun.Space (www.artistrun.space)

Emin earns his living by writing open source software. The software he has been working on for several years called Cocoso (Community Cooperation Software) has been used for several years in different parts of the world for artists to organize within themselves, which also enables different communities to cooperate and naturally broadcast their activities: www.cocoso.info